Baby Born With Down Syndrome Wasn't Expected To Live, Until Mom Held Him
March 31, 2015 #family #impact
By PenolopyBulnick

Karen and Brian Wollman were excited when they found out they would be having their third child, but their elation was short-lived when they got disappointing news. They found out their baby would be born with Down syndrome and was showing signs of hydrops (when the body swells up with fluids). The doctors expected him to be stillborn. 

The couple was surprised when Renner survived the C-section Karen went through at 35 weeks. Karen and Brian were simply happy they would be able to meet their baby boy, but were still disheartened when they heard about the condition he was in. He wasn't expected to survive because of all of his complications, and Karen wanted to be able to enjoy these moments with him if they would be his last. She simply wanted to rock him. That was when the miracle happened. 

The video follows his story from before he was born until he turned two years old last year. He was doing well at the time, but I was curious as to how he's doing today. As luck would have it, I found a Facebook post Karen Wollman made very recently updating his status. 

TBT: My friend Bekah reminded me last night of just how far little man has come in the past year. Renner was able to...

Posted by Karen Teller Wollman on Thursday, March 26, 2015
At the end of this video, it says that he still needs to be on oxygen, but this Facebook post informs us that shortly after the video aired he was able to come off of it! He was also able to stop wearing the helmet that can be seen in the photo below. Now, check out his video to hear the whole story. 

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