Customers Overhear A Conversation And Leave A $200 Tip
May 4, 2015 #impact
By Kathy Finney

We have heard stories of people leaving generous tips before, but they never fail to put smiles on our faces. The reason for this one is especially sweet. 

When the hostess handed Brandi the receipt, she was stunned to see the large tip, but the reason behind the generosity is truly heart warming. 

The patrons apparently overheard Brandi talking to a coworker about how much she misses her son, and spontaneously decided to help. 

Brandi was so touched and amazed by their generosity, she posted these images to Reddit. She has asked, however, that we do not link back to her account profile as the story has generated more attention than she expected. 

Perhaps she didn't expect others to be equally moved by this story, but we know how much our fans love stories of generosity and compassion. Good people are everywhere, and we love to hear about them. 

Thank you Brandi for this story! If you have a heartwarming story like this you'd like us to feature, please let us know in the comments and we just might! 
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