Doctors Are Baffled By A Girl That Hasn't Physically Or Mentally Aged In Years
March 12, 2015 #family #impact
By PenolopyBulnick

Brooke Greenberg is one of four children of Howard and Melanie Greenberg and is the second-youngest. When this video about her was first released, she was sixteen years old, but she looked no older than a toddler and was at the mental age of someone who is only nine months to a year old.

Doctors noticed at a young age that there was something different about her, but they were never able to explain it. There are people who have had similar cases to hers, but doctors have always been able to pinpoint a specific issue. That is not the case with Brooke. Her condition still baffles doctors today and with no other known cases, they have labeled her condition "Syndrome X."

Because of her unknown condition, she encountered different issues while she was growing up, but despite all odds, she managed to survive many unexplained medical emergencies. One of the most significant events happened when she was four or five (sources differ on her exact age at the time of this incident). She fell asleep and simply could not be woken up. After 14 days of this, Doctors found out this issue was caused by a mass pressing on her brain and they told her parents they expected her to slip away within 48 hours. They said they were 100% sure she would not survive and they encouraged her parents to prepare. Her mom and dad actually went forward with buying her a casket and prepping their other children for her death. Then, she just woke up. They gave her an MRI, but everything seemed absolutely normal and they couldn't explain what had happened.
Despite all the times she was able to defy the odds and survive, she sadly passed away on October 24th of 2013, in the same hospital she was born in, at the age of 20. She died of "bronchomalacia, a medical condition usually occurring in children, which results in difficulty breathing due to weak cartilage in the walls of the bronchial tubes."

She is a remarkable girl who will be sorely missed by her family. Despite everything they went through on her behalf, they always loved her just the same.

*The video in this article is a quick look at her life. If you are interested in learning more about her, check out the 45 minute documentary directly below. It provides some additional details to the things covered in the news clip. 

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