What are McDonald's chicken nuggets really made of?
November 25, 2015 #impact
By Jing Chen

One of the most popular questions people ask McDonald's is --- what are McDonald's chicken nuggets really made of?

In the revealing video below, Grant Imahara, host of popular TV show "Mythbusters," visits one of McDonald's suppliers, Tyson Foods, to uncover the truth. Imahara gets to see the process of making the nuggets first-hand. McDonald's strategy? To dispel any rumors that its popular nuggets are made of "pink slime," reports Gawker

What is the "pink slime" rumor? According to CNET and Snopes, consumers were led to believe that a "pink slime" substance, a mixture of beef trimmings treated with ammonia, was used in the creation of the chicken nuggets. Based on Snopes, it appears that the rumors were only partially true. 

McDonald's reiterates the following on their website, "McDonald's does not use lean beef trimmings treated with ammonia, what some individuals call 'pink slime,' in our burgers, and hasn't since 2011." Emphasis on "since 2011." 

Rickette Collins, the director of strategic supply for McDonald's, states on the record to Imahara, "There's zero pink slime in any of our products."

Clearly, the promotional video below is an example of McDonald's taking action in controlling its image and increasing its standards. Will it be enough to satisfy consumers who are very quickly moving to healthier fast food joints like Chipotle? Only time can tell. 

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